Drinking Chocolate

$ 12.00

Alert!!!!!  WINNER: Oregon Chocolate Festival 2019 Best Drinking Chocolate!!

No, not hot chocolate!  This is its stronger, cooler baby cousin!  Well, nothing against hot cocoa but drinking chocolate is like the ‘espresso’ of hot chocolate.  You don’t need much.  Super thick and rich and creamy.  Kind of like drinking a chocolate bar.  So if you’ve ever dreamed of doing just that then this is your kind of drink.

Need a pick-me-up?  This is for you!  True story.  Try it and you’ll see for yourself.

Ingredients: unroasted raw cacao (org cacao nibs, org coconut sugar, org vanilla bean, Himalayan salt, sunflower lecithin), org coconut sugar, org cocoa butter, organic org vanilla flavoring.

1 packet = 4 serving

Instructions: Pour 3TB into 2.5 oz. of hot milk.  stir until melted and incorporated.  Sweeten more if desired.

We use an electric milk frother for our hot cocoas & drinking chocolate that gently heats and whisks the milk and chocolate together to create a wonderful texture.  You can find them on Amazon like we did.

We use our own super fresh almond milk exclusively at the factory store for our drinks.  We use it in all our dairy-free beverages & it rocks!