About The Super Natural Chocolate Company


Super Natural Chocolate Co is a factory and store front located at 8880 Williams Hwy Grants Pass, Oregon.

We specialize in Unroasted Chocolate and also have Gluten and Dairy Free baked goods such as: Cakes, Cupcakes, Donuts ( available Tues\Thur\Sat), and occasionally pies.

Not only do we have samples of every flavor, we also carry a variety of yummy drinks.  They are vegan and made with our house made Almond Milk.

We are the only Chocolate Factory in Grants Pass and a great place to visit with family and friends.

During the summer hours we have a Patio with chairs and umbrellas.

In the purchasing area there is a large window so that you can watch how we make the chocolate and on special days you may even get a taste of a freshly dipped chocolate.

We do seasonal chocolates and goodies that may not be on the website so we encourage you to check our Facebook and Instagram for the most up to date items and gifts.