Looking For Our Frozen Desserts?

Our Moonie Pie, Tiramisu, Fudge Brownie, and Chocolate Mousse Pies have been difficult to find in stores, leading many of you to ask “what happened to your frozen desserts?”

After 7 amazing years of tinkering to get our recipes just right, we’ve been doing some soul searching. With only 24 hours in a day, we needed to find a way to keep up with demand for our delicious, raw chocolates. Our frozen desserts are time-consuming to make and require multiple steps sometimes spanning several days. As such, we are discontinuing our frozen desserts. We know you love our frozen desserts, we love them too, and it was a hard decision to end this tradition at our factory.

Don’t worry, all hope is not lost. We haven’t completely given up on them. If we can find the time, we may create limited batches throughout the year for sale at our shop and factory in the Applegate Valley. We’ve also considered creating a recipe book. You should follow us on Facebook or Instagram @thegreatunbaked to make sure you are the first to know.

We hope you will consider some of our other chocolates as an alternative to satisfy your craving for an all-natural, healthy treat. Ok, maybe our chocolates aren’t as healthy as eating a raw carrot but they are certainly more enjoyable and loaded with antioxidants and just a little punch of natural caffeine to keep you moving.

Here are some suggestions to satisfy your raw chocolate cravings:

  • Raw Chocolate Bliss Balls are what you need to try if you loved our moonie pie. Smooth chocolate center rolled in your choice of all-natural, delicious toppings. It’s like an ice cream bar in ball form.
  • For those of you who loved the fudge brownie, pick up a jar of our raw, dark chocolate frawsting. It is the same frosting we used in making the brownies and now you can put it on anything you want (think strawberries, mmmm!).
  • Craving the hint of mocha in our tiramisu? Try the Mochaccino Mini-Truffle Bar with its velvety smooth center and just the right amount of mocha.
  • Our chocolate mousse pie is probably the hardest to substitute but you should try our Crispy Crunch Mini-Truffle Bar that shares its crunchy center with the crust of the pie. You might also pick up a Raw Cacao Nibs Grinder so you can add a sprinkle of dark chocolate to the top of anything you can imagine.